My big boy. He  is only 2                                                                   is


a palette of terrible
beauty beyond beauty
breathtakingly exotic
stunningly gorgeous
charisma above presence
dreams disguised as eyes
lips that are felonies
killa smile as a weapon
dimples to die for
six foot legs
make a blind man see
swooning and staring
by one and all
breasts so perfect
they make you st st stutter
skin so smoove
fashion so swag
mischievous packaged with charm
devious stacked on a grin
unintentional  …. huh?
bully mixed with coy
witty intellect
playful impatience
perfect imperfections
runway model on a mic
slayin them all
one in el lay
argue kiss
fight mua
love sent to the sofa
so much potential
in this Christian sista
these are the colors and hues
in the terrible palette
of a Muslim Goddess