My name is Darren Lafayette Padilla Sr. 

I am using the name of DLThoreaux as my name when I write books, poetry and for blogging. I have been drawing since I knew. I started winning art and talent contests for my drawing since I was very young. I took my art to a much higher level when I went to Otis Parson’s school of Art. This is where I learned to paint.

I had always wanted to write books, but I didn’t know how to start. I had and have all of these ideas chasing each other in my cwazy brain, but I just didn’t know the first step in how to have it flow through from my mind through my hands to on paper. I did not want to be regretful about never attempting so I started writing approximately almost 4 years ago. I have since completed my first book titled “The Deep Love of Art and the art of a Deep Love”.  I am almost finished with the sequel to that book and it’s name is “Precious LTL”. The “LTL” stands for Life, Time and Love. The third and fourth books which I have also started but am a loooong way from finishing are about serial killers.

I started to write poetry only a year ago. I wish I had started earlier because I have really enjoyed it. I have performed at the “Spoken Word” in a couple of venues here in the states and in Accra, Ghana. I was nervous at first to do such a new thing. I read some of my poetry and it went better than I had expected. I have enjoyed my experiences and have been asked back to perform.

I am the proud Daddy of a wonderfully handsome and funny son. His name is Michael Darren Melaku Padilla. His name since birth has also been Big Mike. His mommy is Ethiopian and her name is Selamawit.  He lives in Addis Ababa, which is my second home.