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36″ X 48″ oil painting of Silver Surfer Big Mike Big Mike Mixed media drawing of Selam Big Mike                   Family in Cerritos Selam                         Wedding day                                  Big Mike

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oWedding Day in Dessie               Me Me and my two wives at Lake Hayq Auntie and Big Mike                                                          Betty                               My son Big Mike                                                        Amina Selam Selam Selam Jamaica      Big Mike Oil Painting Japanese oil painting Drawing Selam in Jeddah               Rachael

An Old Friend

An old friend

It was by destined accident that I came about an old relationship of mine, not that long ago. He happened to be right where I was going to bump into him. He asked me if I wouldn’t mind sitting down with him and listening to a nice story of his. I said “Sure, why not,” to my long time acquaintance. I took a comfortable seat in anticipation of his narrative.

He seemed to have two expected seats ready for such an unexpected occasion.

It has been a while of whiles since I have spent time with this good friend of mine. He has always proven to be a loyal and faithful buddy through yesterdays filled with tomorrows. I regrettably have only said a few rushed words to him in what now seems to be histories of histories.

I admit that we used to have a very strong bond. Our communications since have really only been one-sided monologues from me. But, my old trusted friend has asked me to honor him with just one more again to listen to and hear him.

As I put aside  all of my nuisances and disturbances, so I can concentrate just on my friend’s words, I realize that he has not aged one bit. He looks as young and fresh as ever. It is me that feels like many moons and seasons have passes through me.

My old partner tells me “I am very happy that we can spend this time together.” As he grins at me I know that it has been too long since I have taken the wisdom of time and the time of wisdom to be with him. “I am truly appreciative that we have this personal time for such a private matter,” he assures me.

As my friend positions himself by me and prepares to share his self with me, I am sad. It is now that I realize that he has attempted this effort with me a few efforts in his very recent efforts. But, I did not have neither the time or the Time.

Now I do and I want to see his words so much. I desire to feel how he pronounces his thoughts. I impatiently wait patiently to take in and embrace his valued comments. I wish to experience his experiences with experience. It is now this moment that I know I miss the moments I missed, because it was those moments I missed that make me now miss those moments that I missed.

It has been sorrowfully too long since I have sat humbly and quietly, raw and bare, with and without. open and not closed to his sincere words, not just conjoined sequential letters of advise. Too long I have not enjoyed his compliments of giving and his giving of compliments. I feel untimely guilt that I have taken much too long to just sit down and be with him. Not by him, around him, in front of him or behind him. But, with him. Fortunately for me, my old buddy is the forgiving type of an unconditional relationship that has no rules, barriers or restrictions. All I have done is remember the memories of remembering his memories.

I lean my unsteady head on my friend’s steady shoulder. I plead for his forgiveness, so I can join one more time with his sharing and share one more time with his joining. My long time buddy puts his loyal arm around my shoulder and holds my hands with his faithful hand. He tells me “I have gone nowhere Darren Lafayette, it is you that has finally sat down with me after too many random lifetimes of just waving at me as you rushed by me with your love messes.” I nod my shamed head in agreement as I tell him that “I am ready to listen if you are ready for me to hear.” He smiles, winks at me and says “I know.”

“This is an account of far away lands and even further desires. This is of a rare and exotic beauty. You have been to Rwanda, Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana looking in the wrong places. It is in Ethiopia and with a waiting love named  Selamawit that is your answer. Her love for your love. Your love for her love. She will be only the second time I have ever sat you down and told you of such a romantic story. Please, listen closely, my friend.” My body filled with joy and happiness as my old friend named LOVE spent some time and Time for the last time in my time.

Dominion of Love

 Dominion of love

There was a time before Time

was even called Time

What was then, was and never changed

and a new Time was above Time

and a time above

What wasn’t before, now had existence

God blessed Man with Dominion

now Time was raw, pure with direction

and directionless

and it was beside itself and before itself

below itself and by itself

In itself changing what was before

Dominion was filling and emptying

at the same time

It ruled existence on both sides of itself

inside and out

this space of Time and this time of Space

was different

The difference in the difference

in Time and Space

was Love

not just Love, but the Dominion of Love

Space had a new time

and Time had a new space

What was …. now wasn’t

and never would be again

Love could fill Time and Space

but, Time and Space could not fill Love

Love filled and emptied Yesterday and Tomorrow

at the same time

because there is no now for Love or Time

Man sought Love and Love sought Man

After God gave Dominion of Love to Man

it had direction

and Time had direction

I have loved you

since Dominion of Love

the first Love, the pure Love

that was above Time and time above

I loved you before I knew you

before I knew me

before I knew Dominion

but, Dominion knew me

this was and is the before Love

the since Love

the more Love

that is now as it was then

in a new Time and Space

Different in difference, but not different

My Love for you has known no bounds

since then and then since

I loved you more than before yesterday

became the past

and tomorrow became the future

I will love you more than I did yesterday

and before tomorrow passed by now

In the freedom of Dominion

God has blessed me

with the Time and Space of Love

and Love has filled my Time and Space

with you

I have loved you

since the Dominion of Love

and I will until Time

will not be called Time again